Reviews of the Amazon Goddess

Ms Amazon
  • Dear Mistress,

    I apologize for the lateness of this e-mail. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our session last night immensely. You are an incredibly beautiful and intelligent woman and a spectacularly talented and intuitive Domme. I have had the pleasure of serving many Dommes over the years and have served Dommes on 5 continents. Many have been very good, but I have a very short list of outstanding Mistresses. That short list grew last night! I am still all shook up (in a very good way) from our brief session. I am very much looking forward to hopefully serving under you again soon. I feel very privileged and honored to have been permitted to serve you.

    Very sincerely and deeply submissively,


  • Dear Mistress Amazon,

    Thank you for last night. I really needed that. I am sorry if I squirmed too much, I will make sure to have a gag available for you. My ass is burning wonderfully this morning. I hope that you will teach me to take much more of your flogger in the future but I will no longer tell you what to do.

    I am sorry if I was not an resonsive as you wanted me to be. I will work on that.

    I am about to get on my flight to Korea.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Slave bob

  • Dear Mz Amazon,

    I have seen a few Dommes over the years. My interest is traditional over the knee spanking. Most Dommes will say that they do that, but most won't spank more than a few times before they go get a hairbrush or paddle. Also most Dommes will not keep you over their lap. They need a lot of breaks or switch you to laying over some object. To me, that is just not right. Ms. Amazon forcefully jerked me over her lap, yanked down my pants, and proceeded to hand-spank me for our entire session. I asked her about paddles once and she said paddles were for wimps. She is also quite strong and more than capable to adjusting you on her lap as well as flipping you over to sit on her lap once she has decided you have been adequately punished.

    Happily sore bottomed,


  • Amazon Goddess was a rare find. After having many sessions with her it's great to worship a fierce and glorious goddess who knows how to take charge from the start. She is more than worthy of having anything she desires. I'm proud to be owned by her.


  • Hi,

    I'm not the best writer, but I felt the need to say something. My meeting with Amazon was filled with self-discovery. She was super-patient yet tough. Would recommend to anyone interested!



  • Mistress Amazon was amazoning, I mean, amazing! She is a remarkable combination of friendly and warm, cruel and sadistic - just what a sissy slut needs! She didn't waste time interviewing me for my fetishes, but deftly intuited them. If I were rating her using stars like Yelp, I'd give her 10 out of a possible 5. I will be serving her regularly from now on.

    Khalila Lovejoy