About the Amazon Goddess

Ms Amazon

I am an ALPHA Female Domme who is more acutely aware of my feminity than the typical vanilla woman. I'm interested in someone who can only bend their knee to a QUEEN. Worthiness, honesty, loyalty, trust, and respect are a must.

Do you yearn for something very special, erotic, emotional, spiritual, and powerful? I am looking to enrapture you and be worshipped, adored, and served as a goddess. To be needed so deeply that I can enjoy my most intimate and passionate desires with and do as I please with someone who needs my attention so badly that they willingly give up their personal power and thrive on living to make me happy.

Born in Jamaica and raised in the Golden State I entered the BDSM world very curious and open-minded, might I add a natural! My goal is to one day be known as one of the best dominatrices the scene has ever seen or even heard of:) I have years of experience and left a lasting impression on those that I have owned or played with even if it was just a brief encounter. It usually turns out ongoing. I am very confident about that. I can almost guarantee it!

I am a very demanding Goddess. One who expects to get what I want without much hassle. I have indulged in many forms of BDSM play, so I typically do it all, how fun is that?! I also provide training for Dommes/subs/switches/sissies/slaves and enjoy public humiliation displays. Control is my drug. I also love role-playing. I am quite the actress:) I can be sensual, erotic, masculine, nurturing, stern, devious, and more, but always from the top (Dominant)! I'm exactly what you need to crave your submissive appetite...

Age: A queen never tells, mature


  • writing
  • art
  • swimming
  • hair
  • networking
  • shopping
  • travelling
  • cooking
  • fashion
  • acting
  • photography


  • purple (the royal color)
  • blue
  • black
  • silver
  • gold
  • green (of course $ $)

Pet Peeves:

  • flakes!!
  • bad hygiene
  • party poopers
  • to be continued
  • no shows
  • warm milk


  • 6 ft.
  • 200 lbs
  • 36-25-36, give or take
  • shoe size 11-12 (heels)
  • all natural ebony goddess

I am currently working on a new Dungeon location but always available for outcalls, also looking for willing slaves to feature in upcoming photo shoots, video clips, and website content with their permission, of course! I am looking for new favorite pets, sissies, and slaves to be my personal caterer and pamper me like the QUEEN that I am. I am also very open-minded, so if there is a fetish you seek that is not mentioned, don't hesitate to run it by Mistress. I love new forms of discipline and punishment! I can go on and on about myself, but I am more of a show versus tell kinda Goddess. I can guarantee you will be more than pleased and begging to be owned so stop wasting time and call me now to be a apart of The Amazon Experience. THAT IS AN ORDER.